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 Why Rofalconry?

At Wingbeat, we believe that one of the most beautiful things falconry can offer is the pursuit flight. The contest for aerial supremacy, which can play out in so many ways, is the perfect demonstration of the predator/prey relationship. These flights demonstrate so much of the falcon’s potential and allows the falconer, now merely a spectator, to experience ringing flights, dramatic stoops and rapid low-level tail chases.

The perfect pursuit flight is a culmination of many factors and is only achieved when they all synchronise. The falcon, the way she is exercised, shaped and managed, as well as the quarry and the environment are all key elements.

As falconry continues to progress, we are seeing an increased availability of top class falcons due to the success of captive breeding, but a decrease in suitable land and quarry.  As fieldsports evolve, all accept a degree of artificial substitution in order to fit into an ever-changing world.

Wingbeat specialises in the production and use of Roprey. Our artificial quarry, engineered specifically for this purpose, allows for a whole new branch of falconry. Our aim is to provide every falconer with the opportunity to achieve consistent high quality flights and truly optimise the performance of their falcon. When Rofalconry is combined with hawking live quarry, the effect on the falcon must be seen to be believed.

Above all else we want falconers to enjoy flying their hawks to the highest standard. By making Roprey available, and therefore largely removing the constraints of suitable land, we hope to see falconers across the world enjoying their falcons like never before.