Introducing the Thrilling World of Falcon Racing

Welcome to the thrilling world of falcon racing, where the skies become the stage for majestic displays of speed and skill. In the realm of flat racing, Falcons compete in a classic 400m sprint to the lure over level ground. This timed event, spanning from start beam to finish beam, aims to crown the fastest Falcon, making it a riveting spectacle of agility and grace. Currently popularized mainly in the Middle East, flat racing captivates both participants and spectators alike.

On the other wing, hunt racing takes falconry to a new level, serving as a test of the Falcon’s hunting prowess. Spearheaded by Dr. Nick Fox, the innovative Roprey device revolutionizes flight training by simulating prey in the form of a remote-controlled machine resembling a houbara bustard. As Falcons are unhooded, they eagerly pursue the robotic Roprey into the skies, ascending swiftly until reaching a pre-set altitude. With the pilot guiding the Roprey’s descent, Falcons must execute precise manoeuvres to catch it mid-air and land within a designated area, all within the constraints of UK drone laws limiting heights to 120m.


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For enthusiasts seeking to delve deeper into the excitement of hunt racing, detailed race rules are available for exploration and download in both English and Arabic languages at the Website. Join us as we soar into the exhilarating realm of falcon racing, where speed, skill, and strategy converge in a celebration of avian excellence.