Ropheasant Complete Set


This is the complete Ropheasant set which includes everything you need to start your Rofalconry adventure. The top surface of the Ropheasant is covered with a photo realistic sticker to ensure a life-like finish. This is perfect for promoting a positive search image for your raptor. The underside, as well as the head, is hand painted by our team at Wingbeat HQ. The Ropheasant does not come equipped with the tail feathers pictured, but we strongly suggest you fit some, hawks cannot resist it!

The Ropheasant is made from a very tough EPP foam together with some high quality carbon fiber parts to ensure maximum durability. If damaged, it’s repaired quickly and easily in the field with the Wingbeat glue, and due to its modular design, replacement parts are easily fitted.

Included in the complete set:

  • The Ropheasant body
  • The Ropheasant wing
  • 1x Lipo battery: 4s1600 25-50C with XT60 connector
  • Lipo Charger including all necessary cables.
  • 2.4Ghz RC transmitter. (tested range up to 1.4km!)
  • AA battery set for the transmitter
  • 10 rubber bands
  • Wingbeat’s famous glue

The sturdy box is specially designed to carry all the components, as well as being used as a flight box/service station.

Scroll down to see the video manual, as well as a video on remotely launching your Ropheasant for a natural flush!

Due the nature of hand painting, all models have some degree of natural variation.
Although it rarely takes as long, please allow 14 days between ordering and shipping for hand painted models.



Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 100 × 30 × 30 cm