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     The Wing

The wing is made of moulded EPP with an inner wing dihedral to provide some stability, but a level outer wing to allow manoeuvrability. The upper surface is free of all obstructions that could injure a falcon and has a smooth surface that will allow stickers to be put on. A feather pattern is moulded into the EPP for unpainted models.

The elevons (flaps on the wings) have simple moulded pinch hinges that are very safe for the falcons, cheap to make and easily repaired. They have performed very well in trials. The elevons are controlled by servos embedded in the underside of the wing and covered with removable safety fairings. The servos are high grade units with polymer gears to withstand impacts, but at the same time are easily replaceable. The elevon horns are light but strong carbon fibre set into a groove in the wing, and the push rods are strong, and short for positive responses, with no breakable adjustment linkages and no exposed spikes.

The wing itself is a single moulded piece with a fully embedded W-shaped carbon spar that is hollow circular in section to withstand impacts from all directions. It spans the wing totally from tip to tip at the leading edge to protect the wingtips and is very seldom broken. When an unpainted white wing is held against the sun, the carbon spar can be seen.


The primaries are emarginated with tough outer edges to survive impact. The wing profile has some back sweep for manoeuvrability and stability. The centre section of the wing is fully protected fore and aft with lightweight plastic guards where the rubber bands sit.