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 Weather Conditions

Wingbeat’s Roprey models are designed to fly in the weather conditions that would be possible for the falcon. The Roprey have been flown in wind conditions where both the prey and the falcon are stationary despite going full guns ahead!

As has always been the case, it’s important not to over face a young, unfit or inexperienced hawk. Slipping a youngster in a gale at quarry it’s very unlikely to catch is fruitless. The same goes with the pilot! Asking an inexperienced pilot to fly in strong winds, or in turbulence, is going to result in knocked confidence and an hour in a dark room with the glue gun. However, watching an experienced falcon fly against an experienced pilot in strong winds can be a real spectacle.

Light drizzle is normally shrugged off by both falcon and Roprey, but any more tends to detract from the flight. The electrical components in the models are reasonably well protected from the rain, but if they become wet they may fail. After a crash in the mud, Nick has on occasion sprayed a hose pipe through the centre airway in the Robara & Rocrow to clean it with no ill affect, but we certainly don’t recommend it!