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    The Transmitter

The transmitter is used by the pilot to control the aircraft. It sends the control information from the pilot to the receiver inside the model. The Wingbeat transmitter features 2 sticks that control steering and power, as well as 2 switches. One controls the airbrake (an optional extra) and another the stabiliser. The transmitter is tested up to a range of 1.4Km, and as such we never experience loss of signal.

Experienced pilots may wish to use their own transmitter, as well as fitting extras such as a variometer which can be used to accurately measure height. In such instance the pilot will need to fit their own receiver to the Rocrow to ensure compatibility. Using a programmable transmitter allows for the use of dual rates and exponential, which can enhance the pilots experience of the model.

Did you lose connection between your model and the transmitter? Then find out how to reconnect them by pressing the button below: