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The Motor

The Rocrow is propelled by an electric ducted fan. This modern alternative to an external propeller keeps the dangerous parts out of the falcons reach. The fan is secured within the Rocrow fuselage, drawing air in the front, and ejecting it through the back.

Each motor is balanced in the factory when it is made. This ensures peak performance with minimal noise. The fan blades are plastic, reinforced with a carbon fiber core. We are looking for maximum durability in the blades, however, in the case of obstruction they must break before the motor itself becomes damaged.

If fan blades become damaged, they can be replaced. However, it’s important to understand that an engine with a replacement fan will not perform as well as the original. Replacing the fan rather than the engine as a whole can be a quick way to get up in the air, but performance and noise will be sacrificed. For this reason, if beginners damage their fan, we recommend fitting a new motor to the Rocrow, and changing the fan on the damaged motor which can then be kept as a spare for future use.

To find out how to replace the fan blade or how to install a new engine; press one of the buttons below.