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      The Stabiliser


Each Wingbeat model is fitted with a stabiliser. The job of the stabiliser is to make flying Roprey easier for beginners, and can also make low and slow flying easier. It works by limiting the angle the model can turn to prevent rolling and also by reacting to and correcting small movements, such as those caused by the wind.

The stabilizer also “numbs” the controls. Beginning pilots often over correct when steering. For example, the model starts to go left slightly, and the pilot pushes the steering all the way to the right. By numbing the steering, the flight is easier and more smooth.

For the stabilizer to work correctly, it’s vital that when the battery is connected, the Roprey is kept still, flat and level for 5 seconds before moving it. This allows the stabilizer to decide which way is up.

Once 5 seconds has gone, turn the stabilizer off using the switch on the transmitter. Now trim the flaps on the wings using the sliding white controls on the transmitter. Both flaps should be level, and a few millimeters up from the surface of the wing.

Now turn the stabilizer to full. When the model is held flat, the flaps will not stay level. It will look as if the model will surely crash if launched this way, but this is not a fault.

Wires disconnected? See image below!