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 The Speed Controller

All the Wingbeat models, big or small are equipped with the same electronic speed controller, although they do have different connectors. The ESC has 2 functions. 1 of the functions is controlling the RPM of the engine, the other function is to take care of powering the electronics inside the model like the servos, receiver and the stabiliser. Our speed controllers can handle currents up to 40 Amps for the engine, and 3 Amps for the electronics inside. Changing your engine to a bigger one is possible but at your own risk! It’s always better to use a overrated speed controller by at least 25% to avoid getting overloaded.

All our speedcontrollers in the small models are equipped with a little transmitter clip. We advise you to attach a small falconry transmitter so that you can recover the model if the falcon carries to cover or you land in vegetation.