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      The Ropheasant

The Ropheasant is based on the same model as the Rocrow but has a different head and feather pattern to resemble the common pheasant (Phasianus colchicus). To make it more realistic, pheasant tail feathers can be glued onto the tail without impairing the flight performance. It can also be launched remotely using the hook provided on its chest. This allows a long piece of elastic to be attached to it with a slip ring. The model is placed on a simple launch ramp and hidden in vegetation. Thus you can simulate a realistic hunt for a goshawk or for a waiting on falcon. You can flush the prey some distance from you so that the raptor does not associate you with the quarry. Once in the air, the Roprey can be controlled as normal, so for example, you can launch the ropheasant and with the goshawk hot on its tail, curl the flight round back towards you so that the ‘kill’ is nearby, rather than over a distant horizon. You can also gradually teach the goshawk to fly higher until it is confident chasing a pheasant several tree heights into the air. For the game falcon, we can provide a heavily padded head for the roprey, to absorb the shock of a hard stoop without injuring the falcon.