Robara Battery Charger


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A great little charger used for all our models.


Operating voltage range: AC100V-240V/DC11-18V

Charger Power: 50 Watts

Output Current: Fixed 2.2A

Lipo Battery cells: 4 cells

Dimenions: 130x90x45 mm

Net Weight: 300 g


  1. Connect the charger to AC, or to a 12V car battery
  2. Connect the battery as shown the picture above. Red on red and black on black, make sure the little white connector is also connected
    • If you hear an alarm it means that your battery is not properly connected, or the input power is not OK, or your battery is dead.
  3. Press and hold the red button. If everything is OK, the LED will turn red and the battery is charging.
  4. Meaning LED color:
    • Red: the battery is empty
    • Orange: the battery is half full
    • Green: the battery is full
  5. When the battery is full you will hear a tone and both LED’s are green

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