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Making Your Roprey More Attractive

The basic model weighs 650g. Although it can take a pay load of up to 50-70g, this must be centred over the Centre of Gravity or you will unbalance it. If you put half a quail on the head it will crash! Just put a small amount of food, such as a day-old chick leg, under the red neckband when you wish to fly. Never put any more weight on than you have to. The instinct to chase is very strong in raptors. So you can add lightweight things to your model to make it look more attractive. For example, you can glue long tail feathers to the cock pheasant for a Goshawk or Harris Hawk. The model is designed with no control surfaces on the tail so that this works fine. For crows, we just shred some black bin liner and glue it onto the trailing edge of the tail or even the inner wings. It flutters like a lure without destroying the aerodynamics of the model in flight or affecting its CG. DO NOT add any bits and pieces on the aerofoil areas such as the wings and back. This disrupts the airflow, destroying lift, and causing a crash. For white models, such as Herring Gulls, use white bin liner polythene. Polythene is better than feathers because it does not absorb water and add weight.

In this video you can see what we mean with some bin liner at the back: