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     How do I start?

We’re often asked how difficult it is to pilot Roprey. This is a difficult question to answer, they’re as difficult as similar model planes. Some people take to it immediately and have no problem flying simple circles after little instruction. Others take a while to get the hang of it, but we have never come across someone that couldn’t eventually pilot well enough for the falcon to chase. Occasionally we come across somebody that insists that they won’t ever be able to pilot Roprey, yet when we ask how they got here, they tell us they drove a car!

Computer simulators are very helpful for beginners who can crash repeatedly without having to repair a real aircraft. They needn’t be high end expensive versions, programmes costing £20-£30 are available that are very suitable. They consist of a disc and a transmitter that plugs into the computer via a USB lead. They’re especially helpful when it comes to practicing your left and rights when the aircraft is flying towards you!

If you would like to practice on a real model plane before flying Roprey, inexpensive trainer aircraft, often called “foamies” in the RC world, exists just for the purpose of training beginners. They tend to fly very slowly, be very lightweight, and be exceptionally stable meaning they can’t be inadvertently rolled and plunged into the rising ground.

Those of you already involved in the RC world will be aware of how big the hobby is. For those of you new to the RC world, there will likely be an RC club within a 30-60 minute drive from your home. Many clubs have highly skilled resident pilots with a number of relevant qualifications. They can be a great resource when it comes to aircraft information and flying advice, also most memberships to these clubs include insurance against RC related mishaps.

Should someone be absolutely convinced that they couldn’t be a pilot, and yet still want to participate in Rofalconry, an experienced member of such a club would take your hand off for the chance to fly for you! Equally, those of you with young kids born in the Xbox generation will already know that using electronic devices is in their DNA!