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 Ground work

Before you introduce your young raptor to roprey you must complete her basic training: coming to fist or lure and so on, and you must keep this up as refreshers all through her life. In parallel, while she is completing her creance work, you can show her a roprey model on the ground with food attached to its head. Because the model is only on the ground and not flying, you can put a reasonable chunk of attractive feathery food on the head.  Stand just a few feet away to start with so that she sees the food. You can twitch it or tow it on a line and rev up the engine.  This can be the last ‘lesson’ of the day and you can feed her up on it, just like finishing on a kill out hawking. By the time she is stooping to the lure or in the case of an accipiter, flying free to the fist, she will know the roprey and associate the engine noise with a call, just like a dinner whistle.