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      The Glue

Included with each model is a tube of super glue and a spray can of accelerator. This glue is fantastic for repairs in the field. The bond is very quick and durable. This glue works best on foam when repairing breaks in the wings and the tail.

The Wingbeat glue allows you to make repairs to the model in the field, allowing you to fly the next falcon without delay. The glue is for use on broken foam parts, and sticks to the raw exposed surface. The glue does not stick to the shiny outer surface, meaning it can be flaked off once dry keeping the model looking good.

To fix a repair using the super glue, first apply a small amount of glue to the two pieces to be bonded. Press them together and wipe away any excess. It’s best to use latex gloves for this if you can. Take the two pieces apart and spray the accelerator directly onto the glue. You now have around 10 seconds before the glue is completely dried, so put the pieces back together straight away! The glue can get hot once activated, so avoid touching it wherever possible. If you find you’ve used too much glue and it’s escaped the crack and dried on the outside, use some rough sandpaper to smooth it over.

For some repairs, hot glue from a glue gun is the most suitable option. Hot glue provides a more flexible join and is best used for securing the electrical components, such as servos and EDFs, in place.