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      The Fuselage

The fuselage is made of moulded EPP with a double shell around the tube containing the EDF (Electric Ducted Fan). The fan is deeply recessed to eliminate all chances of a blade contacting a falcon’s foot. We have seen horrendous injuries with quadcopters and propeller planes in the Middle East. The fan blades do sometimes get broken in a smash-crash and can be replaced. These are balanced fans so the replacement blades can be noisier, but they are just as powerful. Alternatively the whole motor is designed for easy removal and replacement. The fan is covered with a removable lightweight mesh which prevents trailing jesses touching the fan blades.

The electronics are mounted internally and very rarely fail. The electronic speed controller is air cooled. It also carries a transmitter mount and we recommend that you put a radio tag inside your model in case you lose it in a standing crop or woodland.