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 Flight Simulators

Flying a remote-control plane is like driving a car. The vast majority of people can do it very well, but they need to learn the right way first – very few can do it innately. A flight simulator is like a computer game that lets you practise flying a model plane. They can be very high-end with perfect graphics, or they can be cheap and less pretty. The cheaper ones are perfectly good enough to teach you how to fly.

A simulator will allow you to practise various flight exercises, like those described here. One of the trickiest thing to get the hang of is steering a plane that is flying towards you. This is because left and right are reversed. A sim will allow you to learn and make mistakes before you start flying your Roprey.

Basically all flight simulators that you can find online are perfect. You can buy a load of cheap chinese copies at ebay. Cables are provided and you can use them with our transmitter.

Very common simulators are Reflex and Phoenix, but others will work just as well. There are also a load of simulators that you can download for your phone. It’s a good place to start and doesn’t cost you anything! For phones and tablets we reccommend PicaSim. You can always send us a email if you want to find out more about simulators.