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 Finding a lost model

It’s always recommended to fit a falconry transmitter to your Roprey. Each model comes with an internal transmitter mount. Should the pilot make a mistake, or the falcon carry the model into the distance, having a transmitter fitted makes recovering the model quite straight forward.

If the model comes down out of sight, try to mark where it was last seen – what can you see in the distance behind it to use as a reference point? Where possible, walk in a straight line towards the model, a second pair of eyes walking alongside you can be a great help!

Often the model can be recovered by listening to the sound of the engine. Walk to where you think it may be and rev the engine for just a second, listening closely. Try and rev it as little as possible, you don’t want debris being sucked through the fan blades. With a bit of luck, you will find the model before it gets dark!