What is Rofalconry?

Rofalconry is the art of falconry using robotic prey instead of live prey. It has several advantages over traditional falconry:

  • Because the behaviour of the preybird can be carefully controlled, it is a great way to help a young falcon develop its search image for prey, to build its confidence and flying skills, and to get fit so that it is fully prepared for hunting wild prey in traditional falconry.
  • Falcons love the Robara and, unlike the lure, will seldom abandon it. With instruments such as altimeters, airspeed meters and timers, it is possible to put a falcon through a carefully prepared programme of physical and mental development. Such a falcon can gain a year's hunting experience in a month.
  • For falconers who do not have access to good hunting grounds, Rofalconry allows flights to be undertaken in one chosen spot without the need for many square kilometres of hunting area. Also friends can bring their falcons along too and everyone can have fun flying their falcons together at the same venue. In countries such as Japan, and in western Europe, where the land is heavily developed, this is a huge advantage.
  • Not only can falconers have fun, they can actually have Rofalconry competitions together and this is a whole new sport in its own right.
  • For flying displays, Rofalconry is the best way to show what falcons love to do best - chasing prey. Instead of tame displays calling falcons to the lure or fist, it is possible to watch them hunting high in the sky as they do in nature. One quickly forgets that the prey is not real.
  • Rofalconry allows falcons to hunt 'prey' every day without any danger of reducing the numbers of wild prey. It is a totally sustainable sport with great conservation benefits to species such as the Houbara. We hope that it will eliminate the illegal trade in wild Houbara.
  • Rofalconry does not use wild prey, so there are no welfare issues and Roprey can be hunted at any time of year. Even where it is illegal to hunt wild prey, the falconer can still fly falcons in Rofalconry.
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About Us

Dr Nick Fox

Wingbeat Ltd is a new subsidiary company of International Wildlife Consultants(UK) Ltd. With a track record in Falcon Science since 1968, our IWC staff are world leaders in falconry, falcon breeding and falcon conservation.

We are also world leaders in falconry heritage and are the organisers of the International Festival of Falconry. Find out more at www.falcons.co.uk.

Wingbeat’s founding Director is Dr Nick Fox, OBE, BSc (Hons), CEd, PhD. Nick is a professional raptor biologist and a renowned falconer and familiar face in Middle East falconry. He has flown pursuit falcons for 40 years and breeds the falcons of the Abu Dhabi Royal Family and the Queen of England.

Remy Van Wijk

Remy Van Wijk is our Chief Technician. Remy is an expert in RC model making and flying, with special skills in camera systems.

We are also able to call on IWC's full team of 20 staff with skills in falcon handling and raptor science, as well as the services of its 250 or so quality hunting falcons for test flying.

Based in west Wales, Wingbeat has a brand new building nearing completion, with full office and workshop facilities for research and development. It has flying grounds adjacent to its offices and a further large scale flying ground in Northumberland when test flights up to 600 metres high are undertaken.