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  Binding to the Transmitter

With a complete set, the transmitter in the box will always be bound to the model. However, if you change the module, or use a new transmitter, they will need to be bound together. This only takes a moment. First make sure the batteries in the transmitter have plenty of life in them. The LED on the transmitter should be solid red, not blinking. A blinking led means that the batteries are empty and should be changed before the next flight.



Power up your model and transmitter, take your transmitter 1 meter away from the model. Now press the little black button at the back of the receiver for 3 second. It’s hard to see, but it’s there! You can find it under the spot where the aerial comes out. Your receiver is the transparent heat shrunk unit. Now wait for the green LED to blink a few times. Your model is now bound to your transmitter.