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  The Battery

The balanced 4-cell 1600mah LiPo battery is fully protected inside the neck of the model and is quickly changed by sliding it in and out. It is locked in place once the wings are on. It allows you to fly for up to five minutes on full power. In practice you do not fly full power all the time, so you can usually fly for ten minutes, which is more than enough. There are battery storage pockets in the flight box. It is best to use several batteries and after use put each one in upside down in the pockets so that you do not get confused which are charged and which are flat.

Once a flight has finished, batteries should be left to cool for a short while before recharging them. They should be charged before a flight, and discharged to a “storage voltage” of around 15.5V every few months when not in regular use. The easiest way to do this is to plug them into your Roprey and leave the throttle on between ¼ and ½ and using a voltage meter to monitor the voltage.

Or use a computer charger. These chargers do have automatic menus for all kinds of batteries, and also includes storage voltage features. Send us an email if you want to find out more about it.

Although LiPo batteries are considered quite safe, mishaps can happen. If the battery shows any sign of damage, or you notice any swelling of the battery, stop using it and dispose of the battery appropriately. They must not be thrown away with household rubbish. LiPo bags are affordable fire-proof bags that can be used to store batteries when not in use, and even when charging. In the very unlikely event of a fire, they can seriously reduce the damaged caused.

Be careful when plugging and unplugging the battery into the charger. Using unnecessary force can break the ends of the leads.

For more information about charging, please click the button below:


The Batteries We Use:

For our standard model we use two different types:

This is the Turnigy nano-tech 4s 1600mAh. The Rocrow built around this particular lipo battery. It’s a light and relatively small battery and can handle the current reasonably well in normal temperatures. However we do notice that the battery can get very hot in the UAE or a hot summer, in which case we use this battery:

This is the Zippy compact lipo. The battery is a bit heavier and bigger then the first battery, but it still fits perfectly in the body of the Rocrow. The Zippy Compact battery can withstand higher currents then the nano-tech, even though the label suggests otherwise.

Both batteries are available at

You can use your own battery but be aware that a stronger battery means more weight, and often a weaker flight performance. Adding extra weight to the front of the model will lead to balance issues due to an incorrect centre of gravity.