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   Assembling your model

Once your Rocrow has arrived, it can be flying in no time. The Rocrow Complete Set contains everything you need to get started.

The first step is to put the battery on charge. This will take around 40 minutes.

1 – Connect the black plug to the mains and the other end of the lead to the back of the charger

2 – Connect the short black and red leads to the white body of the charger, matching the colours

3 – Connect the battery to the charger using both the yellow connectors and the small white lead

4 – Turn the charger on at the wall then hold the small red button until you hear a single beep

5 – Once fully charged, both lights will be green and the charger will beep

Never leave a charging battery unattended. Wait until the battery is cool before recharging. If the leads are connected incorrectly, the battery will not charge and the charger will warn you by beeping.

Now put the AA batteries in the transmitter and turn it on. The red light will illuminate. Make sure the throttle is all the way down, and all the trims (white sliding buttons) are in the middle.

Take an elastic band, and stretch it between your hands to loosen it. Place it over the tail, as per the pictures.


Put the battery in the head, and join it to the yellow connector. When you connect the battery, the stabiliser will calibrate. Make sure you keep the model still and level for 5 seconds after turning the model on for a successful calibration.

Now connect the wing wires to the body. Match up the two sides with the circles on. If you connect them the other way around the steering will be reversed!


Turn the wing over and put it in place. Now stretch the elastic band up and over the head, positioning it under the hook on the chest.

You can now test your controls, ensure everything is moving as it should, and off you go! Don’t forget to read the box for further advice on pre-flight checks and getting the best out of your model.

For more details please watch the video below: