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Dr Nick Fox OBE

Wingbeat’s CEO is Dr Nick Fox OBE, renowned expert on falconry and a familiar face in Middle Eastern falconry. He has flown pursuit falcons for 50 years and breeds the falcons of the Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Bahrain and British Royal Families.

Drew Love-Jones

Jo Oliver and Drew Love-Jones are our Managers responsible for staff and all facilities.

Remy Van Wijk

Remy Van Wijk is our Chief Technician. Remy is an expert in RC model making and flying.

Matt Aggett

Matt Aggett is our Factory Manager, Pilot and Tutor for induction days.

Khaled Abobakr

Khaled Abobakr is our Middle East representative. Khaled is a keen pilot and can explain to you in Arabic all the details of our Roprey and where to get one.

Tom Spink

Tom Spink is our Senior Aviculturalist producing our hunting falcons.